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Envisage yourself taking a stroll in a land which is adorned with exhilarating waterfalls and serene lakes all the while being surrounded by the captivating white ranges of the Himalayas. With their serpentine roads and a lush of green dotted with vibrant flora being a treat for your eyes everywhere you look, Mussoorie can be defined as nothing less of a haven for every naturalist of the world. The true essence of the beauty of Indian Tours is only elucidated by partnering with WAOO Travel. With their unique and state of the art services such as ‘Food Tours’, ‘Heritage Walks’ and ‘Interpreter Service’, WAOO Travel embellishes your visit to India with comforts and joy.

Being the ideal summer getaway for the travelers of the world, Mussoorie enables one to vent out the stress and frustration of daily life and relax in the tranquil laps of Mother Nature. Providing majestic views of the mountainous landscapes, the land of Mussoorie is ornamented with a number of thrilling waterfalls. Be it the Kempty Waterfalls at an altitude of 1,364 meters or melodious gush of the Mossy Falls, these are just a few examples of the many exuberant waterfalls that dot the ‘alluring’ land of Mussoorie. By choosing exclusive deals of tour packages from WAOO Travel, you can relish every second of your journey to travel, explore and celebrate the wanderer in you!

It is an absolute bliss to witness the serenity of tranquil lakes and take in the scenic landscapes that leave you in a state of awe. With activities ranging from boat riding to savoring the flavors of fast food among the hills or be it clicking pictures at innumerable photogenic locations, Mussoorie enchants the minds of every tourist with its unique spectrum of rejuvenating activities. Dispensing unique services that makes your travel full of comforts and hassle free, WAOO Travel have launched and implemented their very own line of car rental services, WAOO Cabs to ensure that their patrons can discover and unravel the adventures of Mussoorie at full comforts.

Full of magnificent scenic landscapes and beguiling tourist’s spots, Mussoorie is also renowned for its savoury cuisine and buzzing bazaars. With its ethnic handicrafts and attires complemented with beautifully crafted trekking equipment, the Landour Bazaar can be considered to be the epicenter of all trades that would fascinate the ideal tourist. With its cuisine being the icing on the cake, Mussorie offers an entire spectrum of flavors on its platter making the travelers taste buds want for more. With their ‘Aaloo ke Gutke’ (roasted dry spices fused with boiled potatoes) or Chainsoo (amalgamation of various pulses with fiery spices) and the ‘Kebabs’ at Mall Road or the renowned ‘Momos’ of Mussoorie, the place is a heaven for every foodie. Looking after every one of your needs, WAOO Travel takes you to ‘Food Tour’ where you can savour every single flavour of Mussoorie completely hassle free.

Ever since the launch of the e-Visa initiative, the tourism industry of India has bloomed with a sudden influx of foreign tourists. With the rise of tourism in Mussoorie as well, one can hold the e-Visa initiative responsible for all the success. Simplifying the entire procedure and eliminating the need of standing in long queues and paperwork, the e-Visa initiative has enabled the foreign tourists to acquire their Indian visa hassle free and with full comforts at their disposal.

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