Located in the Oceania, between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, is the sixth largest country of the world (by area), Australia. It consists of the Australian mainland, the Island of Tasmania and various small islands. Australia, which was a British colony, gained independence in 1901. There is no official language of Australia, however, English is considered to be the de facto national language. About 70 percent of the Australian population uses English, while Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Italian are also spoken. The Australians are widely known for their love to travel. In 2016, around 10 million Australians were recorded to have gone for short term travels, the majority of whom were tourists in foreign nations, some were on business trips while others were visiting relatives and friends. A good number of Australians travel to India every year.

India has attracted tourists from around the globe for a very long time, due to its varied ecosystem and a heterogeneous culture. India is the home to the magnificent Himalayas, massive rivers, tropical forests, desert and plains. It is the third richest nation in biodiversity. The cultural diversity of India, be it the indigenous and tribal cultures, cultures influenced by the Mughals, cultures influenced by various religions, the regional cultures or the gypsy culture; has fascinated foreign nations since ages and enticed foreign travellers, Australia being one of them. Australia and India have always maintained warm cordial relations, be it the economic relations, political relations, military relations or the diplomatic relations. India is the fifth largest export market of Australia, India and Australia have been strategic partners since 2009, a large number of Indian students choose Australia for their education every year and Australia is one of those countries from where India has had a good number of tourist visits. Keeping these things in mind the Indian Government has provided the facility of e visas to the Australians.

The online Indian visa is obtainable twice a year, for a period of thirty days. E tourist visas, e medical visas and e business visas are available to the Australian nationals. The applications for e visas need to be submitted within 4 to 120 days of the applicant’s date of arrival to India. On missing the deadline, the applicants can contact ETA India for emergency e visa approvals. This step of the Indian Government to provide e tourist, e business and e medical visas, has made the process of travelling to India, easier, for the Australians.

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